1. Justin Crutchley


    I’m still trying to find my place a bit on this internet thing we’re all so infatuated with these days. Still trying to figure out what works, what doesn’t work, what others find value in, or what ends up being something no one cares about but me.

    Whether it turns out I’m solely giving a personal nod of appreciation and respect to the actual subjects themselves, or if others actually care to read the posts, too, I’ve decided that I’d like to start sharing quick profiles on the people that I find inspiring.

    I’ve come across several people lately doing really good work, but that don’t seem to be getting near enough attention. I don’t mean to suggest for one minute that I expect to change that, but a good majority of the people I interact with on a regular basis share a lot of the same interests and tastes as me, as far as I can tell. If I can turn a few of them on to someone new and deserving of their attention, then it’s a start at least.

    So without further adieu, and in no way based on rank or merit, here’s the first exceptional person I’d love to share with you:

    If you don’t know of Akron, Ohio’s Justin Crutchley just yet, you might want to give a follow and keep your proper tabs on him.

    My first encounter with Justin was on his Instagram profile after he started following me there. I try to at least take a quick peek at the profiles of anyone new that follows me across my various networks, and this time, I was immediately impressed with what I saw.

    Justin clearly has a real talent for lettering and calligraphy, and following his progress has been a real joy for me. I was fortunate enough to meet him in person at our big Pittsburgh Dribbble meetup last week, and just as I suspected, he’s good people.

    I’ll keep harassing him about getting a portfolio site up, and in the meantime, you work on giving him a follow on Instagram and Dribbble, alright?