1. On my way home from Creative Mornings today, I decided to swing by Sienna Mercato and see if they’d let me in to take a few photos*. I finally got a chance to meet Managing Partner Mike McCoy, who was kind enough to show me around the whole building to see how everything’s coming along.

    I couldn’t be more thrilled with how perfectly all the branding work that Wall-to-Wall and I did last summer is being implemented. Such a cool vibe in here.

    If you haven’t yet heard, we’re holding our next Dribbble Meetup here next Monday, February 17th! If you were on the fence about whether to come or not, have a look at the photos below and tell me this isn’t somewhere you want to be right now. Oh, and as a further incentive, there will be some free drinks to be had, courtesy of Dribbble and its 2014 global meetup sponsor Shopify.

    I’ll be awaiting your RSVP.

    *These photos were just taken with my iPhone and edited with VSCo Cam. I’ll try to get some higher-quality shots at the meetup.

    More images on my site: http://ryanhamrick.com/sienna-mercato